Our advice to you when buying a trailer

With the economy thriving and so many demands for goods to be delivered, more trucks and trailers are needed.  If funds are readily available or you are starting a new business, a second-hand trailer may look appealing.  Before going out and buying something right away, make sure you follow these easy steps.

Do your research

Before buying anything you need to do your research. Check out the company that is advertising the trailer for sale.  Make sure they actually have what you need. You need to make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer that is not going to take advantage of you.

Looking online is a good place to start. Make a list of different companies you want to consider and check to see if their stock and website in general is up to date. After checking out their websites, make a call to the companies and talk to them, asking them any questions you may have.

Having a dealer with a repair workshop on hand is also important. If something were to happen to your trailer, you will want to obviously get it fixed right away. Having a dealer with a repair shop and mechanics is incredibly important and that’s where Transway have the advantage.

Check history

Checking history is important for two different things, the company history and the trailer history. The first is to get the history of the company. How long has it been in business? How many trailers has it sold? How large is the company? You may want to check with others in the industry to see if they have had a good experience dealing with them.  They will give you a good idea on what you are getting into.

The other reason is to get the history of the trailer. You need to make sure to check the condition, its accident history, what goods it has carried, etc.  Ask about the warranty as well, if something would go wrong you will want to be covered for any repair costs.

Ask questions and be specific

Asking questions can help ease any nerves you may have about the purchase. Make sure the company has all of the information about the trailer and that there are no gaps in its paperwork. The company should have all of the paperwork ready for you.

Going to visit and asking questions will also provide you with a good example of how the company will treat you. No one wants to buy from a company who treats potential buyers like they aren’t important and worth going the extra mile for.

At Transway Fleet Solutions we have been selling trailers for many years.  As agents for brands such as Schmitz, Krone and Legras, we know the industry and have the expertise and experience needed.  With our warranties and back up service you can be assured that any trailer you buy from us will be a good investment.  To see what we have for sale currently check out our Trailer Sales page.