At Transway Spares we pride ourselves on the quality of our spare parts and the reliability of our service.  That is why we have been a leader in this industry for so many years.

Trailers use many parts and regularly need to be serviced and often repaired. Finding a company that can provide convenience, reliability and good customer service is the difference between making money and losing it. Transway Spares are service agents for Krone, Schmitz, Legras and more so you can rely on us for having genuine parts when you need them.


Having the parts already accessible is just convenient.  Knowing that you have a stock of good parts is absolutely important when it comes to running a successful trucking business.  Also knowing that you have a reputable company there in case of emergency or low stock is a relief.  Having the parts you need when you need them either delivered or picked up can make a world of a difference.  Also knowing that you can get parts ‘just in time’ means you don’t have to tie up your cash in stock.


Buying from a reputable source should mean that the company is reliable in many ways.  Every time you need a part they should have that particular part in stock, or if it happens to be out of stock they should be able to get it quickly.  With reliability comes higher quality parts, these two should always go hand in hand. Instead of replacing parts regularly due to low quality, having a company like Transway deliver the highest quality parts and services is beneficial to all.


Customer Service

As a transport company, you provide goods and services to people and businesses all over the country. Having a company that services your trucks and provides parts allows you to keep everyone you deliver to happy and without any reason to complain. This will help build the reputation of your company and help bring in more business.

You also do not want to deal with a company that does not know what they are talking about. Finding a company that can answer any questions you have and provide expert advice is key to your success. Using a company with good customer services will save you from a lot of headaches.

Transway Spares not only have the brand names in spare parts in stock, we will deliver to you quickly.  Our trade counter is open six days a week and we deliver nationwide with a next day delivery promise.  Within the Dublin area we can deliver that same day if necessary.   For range of stock, reliability in delivery and expertise in service you can rely on Transway Spares.