As the RSA implements a risk rating system for heavy commercial vehicle operators, the Transway Group provides many of the services to help keep you compliant.

Our onsite CVR Test station and a 6-bay service workshop means we can offer fully customisable maintenance packages.   We offer independent regular inspections and brake tests (for the haulier with their own repair garage) and these are logged onto the RSA system. If you don’t have your own garage we offer full comprehensive maintenance packages as well as full compliance services.

So what exactly is the CVORI?

The risk rating system, which is called CVORI (Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator) aims to improve the safety of heavy commercial vehicles on our roads, making journeys safer for all.

High Road Safety Risk

The aim is the minimise inconvenience to compliant operators and focus enforcement efforts on those operations most likely to be non-compliant and pose a high road safety risk. If you are a commercial vehicle operator you may be inspected by the RSA either at your premises or your drivers might be stopped at the roadside.

The risk rating assessments will be based on data collected over a 3-year period.  Information will include data recorded during CVRT tests and inspections carried out by authorised enforcement officers to ensure it is evidence based information.

How the risk rating system works?

Roadworthiness:  Based on items that relate to the safety condition of your vehicle and your compliance with legal obligations regarding vehicle roadworthiness

Driver Hours: Based on items that relate to your compliance in relation to drivers’ hours and tachograph rules, the working time directive and applicable requirements to hold a Road Transport Operator Licence and Drivers CPC.

What does the risk rating mean for HCV Operators?

Operators having a red rating can expect to have a higher number of inspections from the RSA than those having a lower or green rating.   Operators will be notified via their registered email address once their risk rating is available for them to view online and they will also be emailed a guide to help understand their risk rating

Tips to Improve your Risk Rating

·         Have current CRWs displayed on all of your vehicles

·         Keep your vehicles roadworthy

·         Have preventative maintenance systems in place to check your vehicles for potential defects

·         Always conduct walk-around checks before driving – keep records of the defects found and when they were fixed

·         Have a current Operator Self-Declaration submitted to the RSA via your CVRT Online Account

·         Make use of CVRT voluntary tests in between your annual statutory test dates

Voluntary testing is encouraged and will improve your risk rating when carried out between annual statutory test dates. Operators will not be penalised for any defects found during voluntary tests in terms of their risk rating assessment.

Transway Fleet Solutions are encouraging operators to find out more about the CVORI and work to gain a green rating for safer driving on our roads.  Our CVRT test centre team can help keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe.

For more information on CVORI check out the RSA website

The Transway Group  – working to provide the services to help keep you compliant.