Transway Fleet Solutions are proud to be the service provider for Krone trailers in Ireland. The Krone Group is a company that has been producing commercial trailers that are sold and used worldwide for decades. Krone Trailers have increased in popularity over the years due to their reliability and quality.

Why Krone?

The Krone trailer will meet the high demands that is expected of it and that is why they are the trailer of choice for any transport task.  Reliability is a word often associated with the brand and at Transway we often hear our customers referring to them as ‘sturdy and reliable’.   This workhorse is purpose built to do the job and designed with the work in mind.

Temperature Controlled Goods Transport

We know that your chilled goods load such as vegetables or fruit needs to be kept at a constant temperature from the moment of collection to the time of delivery.  Even more important are the frozen goods that have to arrive in the same way they were collected.  Your customer demands 100% and Krone understand that and that is why they innovate to ensure you get the technology you expect.

Strong and Safe

Krone trailers are known for their strong chassis, body and equipment.  As long established experts in their field, they know the concerns and needs of the purchaser and that is why the quality built Krone Cool Liner is equipped to meet whatever conditions are expected.

Safety is key in all industry and the transport industry is no different.  Krone intelligent functions will keep you informed about whatever you are transporting, whenever you need it.


Some of the popular features of Krone Trailers:

  • Continuous Chassis. During docking to a ramp and when uncoupling the movements are absorbed by the chassis to protect the vehicle.
  • Compact Underrun – The bumper and lighting brackets can be replaced separately and the tail is protected by buffers and the fender.
  • Rear Gantry – Designed for docks and ramps, this stainless steel rear gantry has hinges that allow for the optimal door opening
  • Air Channel – The ceiling-mounted air ducts are flexible and evenly distribute cold air in the trailer.  They are also suitable for double deck loading.
  • Kick strips – The water tight kick strip is aluminium and bonded to the side walls. It is welded water-tight to the one-piece floor plate, also compliant with PIEK regulations.
  • Intelligent Electronics – Marker lamps are integrally housed into the rear frame for additional protection and the door contact switch for the internal lighting reacts without contact.
  • Air Guidance – Stable aluminium profiles ensure the best front wall protection and optimal air flow with their large profile cross-section.
  • Bolted Evaporator Guard – HACCP compliant and removable to aid cleaning.
  • Door Protect – Added security measures for peace of mind. The Door Protect is a door locking system that is controlled by the telematics.  Ideal when transporting high value goods.

Transway Fleet Solutions have been the agent in Ireland for Krone Trailers for many years.

As a proud partner with Krone Trailers we regularly have second hand trailers available for sale.  We also have trained engineers who are able to make any repair necessary both in our workshop and via our mobile service vehicle.


Transway Spares carry a full range of spare parts that are available for collection or delivery throughout Ireland.  Transway Fleet Solutions and Krone Trailers are perfect partners and we look forward to continuing this successful business venture together for many years to come.