Transway Fleet Solutions are delighted to announce yet another new agency to the portfolio.

Dawbarn commercial sheeting systems are the fast and safe method for covering vehicles. Dawbarn have been supplying the road transport industry for more than 50 years and have named Transway as their Irish distributor this year.   This is the company behind the internationally recognised Evertaut brand which positions them well in the marketplace.


The most popular product in the range, the Wraptor is a side to side system for bulk transport rigids and trailers.  Providing a watertight seal, this system ensures load security and is known for its heat retention.  Covered by a 3-year warranty, the system comes with self-contained hydraulics and a dedicated power pack.  The Wraptor opens and closes in seconds and is easily retrofitted to most body types.  Ideal for loads of grain, aggregates, waste, sand, gravel and more.


This lightweight side to side system for bulk transport bodies is perfect for heaped loads.  With cab operation it is a low maintenance option that suits many industry load types. Coming with a dedicated hydraulics power pack and a self-contained hydraulic circuit, it is easy to operate.  The Hydroclear fits any make of body and the straps remain under tension at all times.  Perfect for grain, animal feed, coated stone, waste and more.

Flip n Load

This practical front to back system is designed for bulk transport, rigids and trailers.  Providing  both load security and environmental protection it opens and closes in seconds.  Again it is easily retrofitted and continuously under tension for easy operation.

Sometimes you need something a bit more specialised and Dawbarn recognised this by adding some more products to the range.  The Hydroslide is a waterproof front to back system with double cable operation for increased security.  With a one-year warranty it comes with a choice of manual or hydraulic method.  The Pull n load is ideal for three way tippers giving load security and environmental protection.  For bulk transport bodies up to 6m long, this front to back rolling method is easily operated by a single person.  Finally the Hydro-wing is an innovative winged system for walking floor, ejector and tipping bodies.  Operated from ground level it comes with heavy duty plastic or mesh netting for high strength and durability.

With such a range of products to suit many purposes and operator needs we felt that Dawbarn was the perfect addition to the Transway Fleet Solutions range.  For more information on the range get in touch with us today.

Here’s the product in action, this video shows a recent installation by Transway Fleet Solutions