BPW are Europe’s leading axle and suspension manufacturer and are renowned in the transport industry for the quality of their product.  For the past 100 years BPW have been manufacturers of intelligent running gear systems for trailers and semi-trailers.

The ground breaking development of BPW’s Eco Hub system has had a major effect on running gear technology.  With over 2 million models sold, the Eco Hub offers numerous low maintenance features such as DIN ISO tapered roller bearings.  These can be readily inspected, re-greased and repacked, are globally available and can be replaced easily and inexpensively without having to fit a complete new hub.  The design of BPW’s Eco Hub system allows easy removal of the entire wheel/hub unit, including the brake drum and bearings.

Improved safety

BPW’s S-Cam drum brake offers a greater degree of safety for both long and short distance operation. The BPW S-Cam drum brake has only one pull-off spring. The high tensile force of this specifically designed, high performance component means the brake is rapidly reset to its original position. Low operating and spare parts costs are always attractive to any customer and combined with the simpler and faster brake servicing we can understand the popularly of this brand.

Trailer disc brake axles have previously derived from the truck industry, but not so the ECO Disc. BPW engineers have succeeded in developing a trailer disc brake which is uncompromisingly geared towards the requirements of trailer running gear.  In addition to being more service friendly, the compact design of the ECO Disc has enabled weight savings amounting to more than 10 kg per axle.  The optimum positioning of the adjustment mechanism makes it possible to change brake pads in record time.

Suspension systems

The ECO Air Compact suspension is mounted on a two-part cast member and a steel-rubber-bush. With fewer components this innovative technology makes the ECO Air Compact particularly robust. Cost reductions that are gained by increasing efficiency have given this product the edge.  However, there is no reduction on quality, security or usability.

Self-Steer axle

The unique and simple steering components enable automatic control, dependent on the load being carried. Moreover, the added driver-friendly feature permits greater vehicle manoeuvrability both in and out of confined spaces. The benefits are many including lower tyre cost, reduced stress on the chassis, optimum manoeuvrability and lower fuel consumption.

Other products in the BPW range include landing legs, cargomaster strap lift system and aluminium dropsides.

Our Service

Where a complex technical product such as running gear is concerned, the service literally has to be top standard.  That is why genuine spare parts are always in stock and our fully trained expert team can help with advice and technical information whenever needed.  Covered by generous warranties and excellent technical advice and support, Transway Fleet Solutions are delighted to be an authorised BPW service station for their customers in Ireland.