At Transway Fleet Solutions we know that keeping your vehicle well-maintained and ready for the road is of the utmost importance.

This is particularly true when driving commercial vehicles, as you are not only representing yourself on the road when working to drive safely, but you are also representing the business you work for and the goods you are transporting.  As such, ensuring that your vehicle is up to standard before setting out, especially on long haul journeys, is incredibly important in maintaining your safety and the safety of others on the road.


Maintaining a roadworthy commercial vehicle allows you to ensure that you are compliant with regulations and utilising a safe and reliable method of transportation when working.  One of the first things that you can do to work towards maintaining a roadworthy vehicle is to perform daily visual checks on your vehicle. These frequent visual checks can ensure that any damage or irregularities on your vehicle are noticed as soon as possible and can be repaired immediately before taking the vehicle back on the road.

Having regular checks by a certified maintenance specialist is equally as vital in keeping your commercial vehicle roadworthy. These checks are thorough and can ensure that your vehicle is safe for the road, that everything is working the way it should be and overall verify that your vehicle is compliant with road and driving laws not only in your region but other countries your vehicle will be travelling within.

Regular Checks

Having a well-maintained roadworthy vehicle can be easily achieved through regular checks and monitoring.  Roadworthy vehicles come with a number of huge advantages for commercial drivers and the businesses they represent.  For instance, well-maintained vehicles are cheaper to run, more reliable, frequently avoid major expenses that stem from incidents like breakdowns and collisions, provide reliable service to your customers and increase your business base and positive reputation amongst clients.

Furthermore, vehicles that are not kept up to standard run the risk of being taken off of the road. Irish roads are monitored regularly to ensure that vehicles are running up-to-standard and meeting the legal standards set out for their operation. By putting a vehicle on the road that is not roadworthy and doesn’t meet the legal standards of operation you risk the chance that law enforcement may remove your commercial vehicle from the road altogether.

Ensuring that your commercial vehicle is roadworthy provides a number of valuable benefits. Not only do regular maintenance checks work to ensure that your vehicle is reliable and up to legal standards, but it also increases driver and passenger safety, improves the work environment for drivers, and works to enhance the safety of other drivers on the road that may cross paths with your vehicle.

For more information about regular vehicle checks and testing you can get in contact with our expert team.