The proposed levy on truck tyres that was due to be introduced next month has now been deferred.  We share a fleet transport magazine report on latest happenings.

After some months of campaigning and in response to representations made by the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA), the Minister for Communication, Climate Action & Environment, Denis Naughten, has agreed to postpone the imposition of the environmental disposal levy on truck tyres until the New Year.

The IRHA is of the opinion that there is no justification for the imposition of an €11 levy on each truck tyre. Truck tyres account for a tiny percentage of total tyres sold in the State and are fully recycled, through reuse within Ireland and then by exporting. However, the proposed charge is almost four times the charge for a car tyre when it is generally accepted that end of life car tyres retain little or no value and so form a considerable source of waste.

The IRHA is concerned that the charge will force members to purchase tyres outside of the State as hauliers are already absorbing numerous cost increases and cannot countenance a new charge, especially one which is totally unjustifiable.

IRHA President Verona Murphy welcomed the Minister’s decision and looks forward to consulting with him and his Department further on the matter.

Commenting on the issue, Ms. Murphy said: “I welcome the decision of the Minister to postpone the levy and look forward to meeting with him to discuss the issue of how to deal with truck tyres under the new scheme and impact the additional levy would have on our members. We believe that the imposition of a charge of €11 per tyre on our members is unjustifiable and ignores the commercial reality facing our members. It represents a significant additional cost in circumstances where hauliers have absorbed numerous recent cost increases and simply cannot continue to do so in an unprecedentedly challenging operating environment. The proposed charge comes at a time when the IRHA is already seeking emergency measures to be included in this year’s Budget to avoid a real risk to the viability of their members and the thousands of jobs that they support.”


*source Fleet Transport Magazine