Transway Fleet Solutions have been a service agent and distributor for Krone Trailers in Ireland for some time.  We were delighted to hear that they have just introduced a new bulkhead for dual-temperature in the UK and Ireland.

Krone, the Germany-based international trailer manufacturer, has introduced a new, lightweight moveable bulkhead for dual-temperature use in their Cool Liner refrigerated trailers.  Called ISOWALL and manufactured at Krone’s Lubtheen plant in Germany, the new bulkhead weighs just 120 kg, is strong, easy to operate and can be retrofitted in under one hour – without the need for special tools.

A newly designed balancer system combined with a locking lever positioned at the top of the bulkhead, makes the ISOWALL easy to open, close and slide along the trailer. Also, due to the vertical movement of the bulkhead when opening and closing, no additional components are required for vacuum ventilation.

Furthermore, when stowed to the roof, magnets hold the bulkhead in place, so there is no requirement for secondary locking or risk of fork lift obstruction. When in use, the ISOWALL can be positioned hard-up against the load for added security and efficient use of load space.

For mixed trailer fleets, with varying internal heights, the ISOWALL comes with a one-piece inner and outer GRP skin and can easily be cut to fit, while the rollers and balancers can be repaired or replaced without removing the whole panel.  Servicing too is made easier and safer with the inclusion of high-strength reinforced, noise-reducing plastic sliders. While tension adjustment also requires no special tools, and can be done under 10 minutes.

The new moveable bulkhead is already in strong demand throughout the UK and Ireland and can be seen with Krone’s latest Cool Liner temperature-controlled trailer at this year’s TCS&D Show in Coventry.

For more information on Krone Trailer in Ireland contact the Transway Fleet Solutions team.