Last year Transway Fleet Solutions were delighted to welcome Legras to its ever expanding range of global leading brands.

Legras is recognised worldwide for its innovative moving floor trailers. Although the moving floor technology is ideal for a multitude of uses, in the transport of waste it really comes into its own.

Transporting Waste

Throughout Europe the Legras Transfer model is being used in the transportation of household, commercial and trade waste.  The moving floor mechanism is hydraulically driven and provides a conveyance system for moving bulky product.  This facilitates easy and quick unloading thus saving time, reducing costs and increasing safety for operators.

Some of the key elements of the Legras Transfer model are:

  • Two hand control: For added safety the rear door is secured with two hand control.  In addition, a buzzer alarm is also fitted.
  • Bulkhead: The front bulkhead catwalk comes with an option of hydraulic nets while there is a roof option Hydraulic hatch.  There is secured sheeting electro-hydraulic control from the ground on the front bulkhead.
  • Strength: The inside aluminium plating is between 3 and 4 mm depending on the model.  It comes with a reinforced chain tie bar.
  • Frame nets: The frame nets are made in high tenacity polyester wire.
  • Reliable: Reliable floor 21 Impact plus floor plank allows for intensive use.
  • Chassis: The continuous chassis allows for steel beams over the entire length of the trailer for additional stability.  Added to this, there is reinforced steel under the run bar.


Legras provides a long list of additional options including hydraulic door, universal rear doors, hydraulic hatch on roof, full hydraulic nets, 2/3 – 1/3 hydraulic nets, Mercedes axles, SAF axles, BPW axles, towing eyes and more.


Legras has been present in the waste recycling industry for over 20 years in many countries over the world. This vehicle is the result of their close cooperation with waste market operators. It is available from 9 tons (empty weight), with a volume of 92 m3 and many options are available to customise it according to your needs

For Trailer sales, repairs, spare parts or testing services Transway Fleet Solutions are the partner of choice for Legras.  You can speak with one of our expert team about the range.